ALPACA SOLUTIONS implements sustainable solutions specially designed to reduce the ecological footprint of your event.

Confrontés au gaspillage issu du secteur de l’événementiel, Jordy et Tanguy ont décidé de développer des solutions ayant afin de mieux gérer les ressources d’un évènement. De cette idée ambitieuse naît le projet Alpaca Solutions.

The positive impact of your events

Meals redistributed
Tons of recovered waste
kg de CO2 économisés

Chiffres relevés durant l’année en cours

Our actions

1. Consultancy

With our experience in the field, we advise you and will help you to create concrete sustainable solutions to the specific needs of your project.

2. Management of food leftovers

Thanks to our network, we are able to combine the needs of the associations with the food leftovers we collect. We reduce the carbon footprint of your event while helping people in need.

3. Waste sorting and recycling

By correctly sorting your waste and recycling it locally, we manage to give a positive societal impact to your event.

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